Net sales in Automation increased in the second quarter by 17 percent to SEK 657 million (562) and EBITA increased by 35 percent to SEK 81 million (60). Net sales during the period increased  by 15 percent to SEK 1,314 million (1,145) and EBITA increased by 36 percent to SEK 150 million (110).

Both demand and sales were highly favourable in all segments of significance to the business area, such as the engineering industry, medical technology, the defence industry, as well as data and telecom. The market situation was positive in all geographies, with the recovery remaining strongest in the units outside the Nordic region. Combined with low costs, the increased volumes had a positive effect on margins for the quarter.

Net sales in Components increased in the second quarter by 17 percent to SEK 572 million (487) and EBITA increased by 47 percent to SEK 73 million (50). Net sales during the period increased by 17 percent to SEK 1,146 million (983) and EBITA increased by 39 percent to SEK 139 million (100).

The market for input components remained at a very high level and demand was strong throughout the quarter in key market segments, including the engineering industry, special vehicles, medical technology, wind power and electronics. The market situation was highly favourable in Finland and Sweden, remained good in Denmark and was stable in Norway. Implemented efficiency measures and continued low overheads resulted in good margins for the quarter.

Net sales in Energy increased in the second quarter by 6 percent to SEK 674 million (633) and EBITA increased by 15 percent to SEK 90 million (79). Net sales during the period increased by 4 percent to SEK 1,374 million (1,316) and EBITA increased by 13 percent to SEK 180 million (160).

The business situation remained favourable for niche products for electricity distribution, for the expansion of fibre-optic networks and for construction and installation, and the market situation in wind power was strong. Demand for infrastructure products for national and regional grids was good, while sales were stable as expected. Good cost control combined with increased volumes had favourable effects on operating margins.

Net sales in Industrial Process increased in the second quarter by 26 percent to SEK 855 million (680) and EBITA increased by 57 percent to SEK 121 million (77). Net sales during the period increased by 24 percent to SEK 1,678 million (1,349) and EBITA increased by 56 percent to SEK 235 million (150). 

For the business area’s companies exposed to the engineering industry, special vehicles and the process industry, both demand and sales developed very well in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe alike. The market situation for projects in the forest and sawmill industry was very strong while activity remained low for the companies exposed to the marine segment.

Net sales in Power Solutions increased in the second quarter by 39 percent to SEK 507 million (365) and EBITA increased by 49 percent to SEK 69 million (46). Net sales during the period increased by 39 percent to SEK 1,036 million (746) and EBITA increased by 50 percent to SEK 144 million (96).

Growth was very good among the companies operating in control and ergonomics products for special vehicles, even when adjusted for last year’s pandemic effects. The market situation was favourable for the companies operating in components and systems for electrification projects, while it was stable in wind power. Although the cost level remained low, profit was impacted negatively by non-recurring costs of about SEK 6 million.

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